Internet in a Box -- Howto Videos


Wires, Cables and WiFi -- How the physical infrastructure of the Internet moves information.
  14.3MB, duration: 6:41 m:s, October 02, 2019
IP Addresses and DNS -- How networks talk to each other.
  14.1MB, duration: 6:45 m:s, October 02, 2019
Network Troubleshooting -- Use the Windows command line to see what is working, and not working
  17.6MB, duration: 10:31 m:s, September 29, 2019
Short, Funny Introduction to IIAB -- What IIAB is, who it serves, who made it, how you can access it.
  3.0MB, duration: 1:34 m:s, May 16, 2020
Packets, Routing, and Reliability -- How information on the Internet is broken down into packets, and how to ensure that it is reliably received.
  13.3MB, duration: 6:25 m:s, October 02, 2019


Getting Started With Raspberry Pi 4 -- General Overview of Parts, and the Process of Configuring RPI as Desktop
  15.7MB, duration: 12:08 m:s, October 02, 2019
Bring Up a Headless Pi -- Use secure shell (ssh) over a network wire with remote desktop software.
  40.3MB, duration: 8:12 m:s, September 29, 2019
Use Raspberry Pi Imager to put Internet-in-a-Box on a microSD Card -- Copy an IIAB preformatted software image to an SD card, and test it.
  14.7MB, duration: 12:03 m:s, May 03, 2020

Other Videos

HTTP and HTML -- How files and webpages are sent and received using HTTP and HTML.
  13.2MB, duration: 7:07 m:s, October 02, 2019
Cyber Security and Crime -- Common types of cybercrime, including viruses, malware, DDOS attacks and phishing scams.
  10.4MB, duration: 5:01 m:s, October 02, 2019
Encryption and Public Keys -- Explains how cryptography allows for the secure transfer of data online.
  13.3MB, duration: 6:40 m:s, October 02, 2019

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